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Alice Springs
Northern Territory

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Alice Springs (often referred as "The Alice") is a small town located at the junction of the Todd and the Charles Rivers.

Grave of Rev. John Flynn, Alice Springs (image)

Grave of Rev. John Flynn (founder of Royal Flying Doctor Service), just west of Alice Springs

Some key tourist attractions:

Museum of Central Australia: This museum has exhibits on Aboriginal culture and on meteors and meteorites.

School of the Air: The teachers and the students in this school do not normally meet face to face. The students mostly live on remote outback stations and the school, located in Alice Springs, broadcasts lessons to them by radio.

Royal Flying Doctor Service Base: It is hard for residents in the vast regions of the outback to get medical help. The RFDS delivers medical help by nurses and doctors who travel the region by small aeroplane and this base coordinates the operation.

Alice Springs Cemetery:
Graves include that of the celebrated Aboriginal painter, Albert Namitjira, adventurer Harold Lasseter, and anthropologist Olive Pink.

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Author: David Paul Wagner
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