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Situated in the far north of Queensland, Cairns offers the following tourist attractions:

-- Cairns Historical Museum: exhibits on the local maritime history, the aborigines of the nearby tablelands, and the old Palmer River goldfields

-- Rusty's Bazaar: colourful markets with stalls selling everything from arts and crafts to all sorts of foods

-- Undersea World: an aquarium featuring feeding of the sharks several times a day

Esplanade, Cairns, Queensland image

Tropical scenery in the Esplanade, Cairns, northern Queensland

-- Fleckar Botanical Gardens and the Whitfield Range Environmental Park: the latter features the last existing rainforest area near to Cairns

-- Tjapukai Dance Theatre: a famous Aboriginal dance troupe gives performances of corroborees, as well as demonstration of boomerang throwing and didgeridoo playing.

-- Outdoor Activities: Diving, snorkelling, white-water rafting and more can be enjoyed in the areas around Cairns.

-- Reef Trips: Cruises to outlying islands such as Green Island to see the corals of the Great Barrier Reef

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Author: David Paul Wagner
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