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Mudgee, NSW - Historical Buildings

The town of Mudgee in the central west of New South Wales. It is greatly admired by heritage buffs for its great number of historical and heritage-listed buildings and streetscapes (the prime example of the latter being in Market Street).

Mudgee Mechanics Institute, 1906 (image)

Mechanics Institute, Mudgee, 1906

Mudgee Post Office, circa 1862 (image)

Mudgee Post Office during its construction. This building opened for business in 1862.
(Image: Pubic Records NSW)

St Johns Church of England, Mudgee, circa 1906 (image)

Saint John's Church of England, circa 1906. Mudgee.
(Source: Old post from the Pocklington Series, which was posted in 1906.)

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