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Springwood, NSW, Real Estate Prices

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Springwood, NSW
offers more affordable real estate prices -- cheaper houses and apartments (whether you want to buy or to rent) -- compared to the nearby city of Sydney.

Located just 15 minutes by road or by train from western Sydney (Penrith, Emu Plains, etc.), currently (January 2011) house prices and apartment prices are as follows:

House Prices

For $A330,000 - $A340,000 ($US328,00 - $US338,000) you can buy an old fibro or a brick veneer house (2 or 3 bedrooms) which would need a bit of renovation for the bathroom and/or kitchen.

For $A370,000 - $A380,000 ($US368,000 - $US378,000) you can buy a nice brick veneer house (2 or 3 bedrooms), which would be around 25 years old and would not need any renovations done to the kitchen or bathroom to bring it up to a nice standard.

Flat (Apartment) Prices

Flats or apartments are relatively scarce around Springwood. I can see one 3 bedroom flat currently on sale at $A400,000 ($US398,000).

Rental Prices

If you prefer to rent rather than buy, you will find $A360 ($US358) per week will get you a nice 3 bedroom brick veneer house.

Different Parts of Springwood (and Area) to Consider

Springwood is effectively split in two parts by the Great Western Highway, the main street of Springwood (Macquarie Road) and the railway line.

To the south of these, you will find housing and streets which finally end with various reserves (such as Sassafras Gully Reserve) and the Blue Mountains National Park.

To the north of these, you will find Springwood Golf Course, Springwood Hospital, Buckland Reirement Village, and (again) various reserves and the Blue Mountains National Park. Go along Hawkesbury Road and you come to Winmalee (lots of nice houses there and serviced by a large new shopping center with shops such as Coles), Yellow Rock and Hawkesbury Heights.

Follow the Great Western Highway westwards for 1-2 km and you will come the village/town of Faulconbridge. Follow the Highway eastwards and you will go through Valley Heights, Sun Valley, Warimoo, and Blaxland. All these areas are serviced by the Springwood shopping center and their real estate is very comfortable, affordable and well worth a look.

Real Estate Prices in Other Parts of the Blue Mountains

A rule of thumb is that house and flat prices get cheaper the further you go up the Blue Mountains. For example, at Woodford (10-15 minutes drive up the mountains) $350,000 ($US348,000) will snag you an attractive 2 or 3 bedroom brick veneer house, ready to walk in to immediately, with all the necessary renovations, repainting, etc. having already been done.

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Author: David Paul Wagner
(David Paul Wagner on Google+)

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